Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón & Anđela Ristić

Alhucema - Anibal Troilo - Tango

Toronto Tango Festival
June 2019 • 3.2K views • 42 likes
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Toronto, Canada
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June 22, 2019

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Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon (1) - Toronto Tango Festival 2019
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June 22, 2019 00:13


Alberto Marino
Recording Date
August 31, 1944
Francisco Pracánico
Horacio Sanguinetti



Negra macumba que zumba el tambor.
¡Ha muerto un moreno y ha muerto un amor!
Triste retumba, retumba el tambor:
¡Ha muerto un hermano de nuestro color!
Y cruzan la noche los negros y el coche
que encierra un reproche de sangre y pasión.
Y canta un cortejo de labios bermejos
poniendo reflejos de antorcha en la voz.

se llamaba la morena,
que a la muerte lo arrastró.
Negra loca,
fue la sangre de su boca
que a los negros embriagó...
Doble pena,
uno vive en sus cadenas
y otro ha muerto por su amor.

Negra macumba que oscura canción,
tu sombra derrumba la sombra de Dios.
Lumbra, relumbran los negros que van
rezando, llorando al son del cantar.
Se aleja el entierro con cantos de negros
y llanto de perros que intuyen dolor,
la hoguera del canto se ha ido apagando
con llanto llorando.
Y el fúnebre carro se hunde en un barro
de sombras, rodando.

Black macumba that hums the drum.
A brown man has died and a love has died!
Sad rumbles, rumbles the drum:
A brother of our color has died!
And the blacks and the car cross the night
that holds a reproach of blood and passion.
And sings a procession of red lips
putting reflections of torch in the voice.

the brunette was called,
who dragged him to death.
Crazy black woman,
was the blood from her mouth
that intoxicated the blacks...
Double sorrow,
one lives in his chains
and another has died for her love.

Black macumba that dark song,
your shadow brings down the shadow of God.
Lumbra, shine the blacks that go
praying, crying to the sound of singing.
The burial moves away with songs of black people
and weeping of dogs that sense pain,
the bonfire of the song has been extinguished
with weeping weeping.
And the hearse sinks into a mud of shadows
of shadows, rolling.

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