Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Inés Bogado

Dichas Que Viví - Rodolfo Biagi - Vals

Tango Salon Festival
March 2018 • 22K views • 310 likes
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Warsaw, Poland
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March 05, 2018

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Maria Ines Bogado and Sebastian Jimenez – Dichas que viví

Maria Ines Bogado and Sebastian Jimenez perform “Dichas que viví” by Rodolfo Biagi, sung by Andrés Falgás, at the Łódź Tango Salon Festival 2013 in Lodz, Poland.

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March 05, 2018 18:00


Andrés Falgás
Recording Date
July 13, 1939
Fernando José Lupi
Enrique Lupi



Dichas gratas de un amor
Tan puro sin melancolías,
Que se ha muerto
En mi vida paria
Cual rosa de un día.
Dichas que viví y no volverán,
Dichas gratas que mis ojos
En silencio llorarán.

Dicha mía
Que vivió un instante
Para no olvidarla,
Y en las notas
En este vals triste
Vengo a recordarla.
Dichas de mi ayer
Que murió y se fue,
Dichas gratas
Que a vivir de nuevo
Yo no volveré.

Pleasant sayings of a love
So pure without melancholy,
That has died
In my pariah life
Like a rose of a day.
Sayings that I lived and will not return,
Pleasant joys that my eyes
In silence will weep.

Joy of mine
That lived an instant
So as not to forget it,
And in the notes
In this sad waltz
I come to remember her.
Sayings of my yesterday
That died and went away,
Pleasant sayings
That to live again
I will not return.

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