Nick Jones & Diana Cruz

Racing Club - Carlos Di Sarli - Tango

Toronto Tango Festival
June 2015 • 1.2K views • 6 likes
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Toronto, Canada
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June 24, 2015

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Nick Jones & Diana Cruz (2) - Toronto Tango Festival 2015
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June 24, 2015 14:18


Recording Date
July 04, 1940
Vicente Greco
Carlos Pesce



Racing Club de Avellaneda
club de mi pueblo querido,
yo que admiro con cariño
tu valiente batallar
en esas horas gloriosas
para el deporte argentino,
fuiste campeón genuino
de la masa popular.

Racing Club, vos que diste
academia en la América del Sur
gran campeón de los tiempos viejos de oro
del futbol de mi Nación,
yo quisiera ver triunfar a tus colores,
que son los de mi bandera
porque aún seguís siendo para todos
el glorioso Racing Club.

Noble club con gran cariño
te sigue la muchachada
la que tan entusiasmada
te sabrá siempre alentar,
porque sos vos Racing Club
la gloria del tiempo de oro
como el Alumni que añoro
y jamás volverá.

Racing Club of Avellaneda
club of my beloved town,
I who admire with affection
your brave battle
in those glorious hours
for the Argentinean sport,
you were a genuine champion
of the popular mass.

Racing Club, you who gave
academy in South America
great champion of the golden old times
of my Nation's soccer,
I would like to see your colors triumph,
which are those of my flag
because you are still for all of us
the glorious Racing Club.

Noble club with great affection
the youngsters follow you
who so enthusiastically
will always know how to encourage you,
because you are Racing Club
the glory of the golden time
like the Alumni I long for
and will never return.

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