Andres Sautel & Celeste Medina

Mandria - Juan D'Arienzo - Tango

La Viruta Berlin
November 2019 • 5.5K views • 69 likes
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Berlin, Germany
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November 12, 2019

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Celeste Medina and Andres Sautel – Mandria

Celeste Medina and Andres Sautel dance “Mandria” by Juan D'Arienzo, sung by Alberto Echagüe, at La Viruta Tango Club Berlin 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

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Upload Date
November 12, 2019 09:00


Alberto Echague
Recording Date
August 09, 1939
Juan Rodríguez
Francisco Brancatti Y Juan Velich



Tome mi poncho... No se aflija...
¡Si hasta el cuchillo se lo presto!
Cite, que en la cancha que usté elija
he de dir y en fija
no pondré mal gesto.

Yo con el cabo 'e mi rebenque
tengo 'e sobra pa' cobrarme...
Nunca he sido un maula, ¡se lo juro!
y en ningún apuro
me sabré achicar.

Por la mujer,
creamé, no lo busqué...
Es la acción
que le viché
al varón
que en mi rancho cobijé...
Es su maldad
la que hoy me hace sufrir:
Pa' matar
o pa' morir
vine a pelear
y el hombre ha de cumplir.

Pa' los sotretas de su laya
tengo güen brazo y estoy listo...
Tome... Abaraje si es de agaya,
que el varón que taya
debe estar previsto.
Esta es mi marca y me asujeto.
¡Pa ' qué pelear a un hombre mandria!
Váyase con ella, la cobarde...
Dígale que es tarde
pero me cobré.

Take my poncho... Don't worry...
I'll even lend you the knife!
Cite, that in the court of your choice
I have to go and in fixed
I won't make a bad gesture.

I with the end of my whip
I've got plenty to charge me...
I have never been a maula, I swear!
and in no trouble
I'll know how to shrink.

For the woman,
I didn't look for it...
It is the action
that I saw
to the man
that I sheltered in my ranch...
It is his wickedness
that makes me suffer today:
Pa' matar
or to die
I came to fight
and man has to comply.

For the sotretas of your kind
I have a good arm and I'm ready...
Here... Abaraje if it is of agaya,
that the male who taya
must be foreseen.
This is my mark and I hold on.
For ' what to fight a man mandria!
Go with her, the coward....
Tell her it's late
but I cashed.

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