Michael Nadtochi & Eleonora Kalganova

Te Aconsejo Que Me Olvides - Anibal Troilo - Tango

Toronto Tango Festival
June 2017 • 64K views • 720 likes
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Toronto, Canada
Performance Date
June 15, 2017

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Michael Nadtochi & Eleonora Kalganova (4) - Toronto Tango Festival 2017
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June 15, 2017 15:18
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Song genre
Song orchestra
Song singer
Francisco Fiorentino
Song recording date
April 16, 1941
Song composer
Pedro Maffia
Song author
Jorge Curi



Recibí tu última carta,
en la cual tú me decías:
'Te aconsejo que me olvides,
todo ha muerto entre los dos.
Sólo pido mi retrato
y todas las cartas mías,
ya lo sabes que no es justo
que aún eso conserves vos'.
Hoy reconoces la falta,
tenés miedo que yo diga...
que le cuente al que tu sabes
nuestra íntima amistad;
¡Soy muy hombre, no te vendo,
no soy capaz de una intriga!
Lo comprendo que, si hablara,
quiebro tu felicidad.

Pero no vas a negar
que cuando vos fuiste mía,
dijiste que me querías,
que no me ibas a olvidar;
y que ciega de cariño
me besabas en la boca,
como si estuvieras loca...
Sedienta, nena, de amar.

Yo no tengo inconveniente
en enviarte todo eso,
sin embargo, aunque no quieras,
algo tuyo ha de quedar.
El vacío que dejaste
y el calor de aquellos besos
bien lo sabes que no puedo
devolvértelos jamás.
Yo lo hago en bien tuyo
evitando un compromiso,
sacrifico mi cariño
por tu apellido y tu honor;
me conformo con mi suerte,
ya que así el destino quiso
pero acuérdate bien mío,
¡que esto lo hago por tu amor!

I received your last letter,
in which you said to me:
'I advise you to forget me,
everything has died between us.
I only ask for my portrait
and all my letters,
you already know that it is not fair
that you still keep them'.
Today you recognize the fault,
you're afraid that I'll say...
that I'll tell the one you know
our intimate friendship;
I am very manly, I do not sell you out,
I am not capable of intrigue!
I understand that, if I were to speak,
I would break your happiness.

But you won't deny
that when you were mine
you said you loved me,
that you weren't going to forget me;
and that blind with affection
you kissed me on the mouth,
as if you were crazy...
Thirsty, baby, to love.

I have no objection
to send you all that,
however, even if you don't want to,
something of yours must remain.
The emptiness you left behind
and the warmth of those kisses
you know that I can never
ever give them back to you.
I do it for your sake
avoiding a compromise,
I sacrifice my affection
for your name and your honor;
I am content with my lot,
since that's the way destiny wanted it
but remember well my own,
that I do this for your love!

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