Carlitos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio

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Performance Date
July 01, 2022
Héctor Mauré
Recording Date
December 12, 1940
Juan Carlos Graviz
Juan Carlos Graviz
Agustina Piaggio and Carlitos Espinoza – Flor de mal

Agustina Piaggio and Carlitos Espinoza dance “Flor de mal” by Juan D'Arienzo, sung by Héctor Mauré, at La Milonga Argentina in Berlin, Germany.

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Upload Date
July 01, 2022 19:00


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En la oscura noche
De tus lindos ojos
Yo quisiera verme,
Como en aguas
De un tibio remanso.

Porque en esos ojos
Como en un remanso
No sé qué misterio,
Te subyugan
Te atraen, te matan.

Tú con esas flores
Que bordean coquetas
Las aguas del lago,
En la vida tuviste también
De tu rara belleza,
El encanto fatal
Que ya nunca podré olvidar.

Son tus ojos dos lagos dormidos
Ante la belleza, sol,
Tus ojeras divinas que son,
Elegidas de Dios para ser admitidas
Por la vieja herida de mi corazón.

In the dark night
Of your beautiful eyes
I would like to see myself,
As in the waters
Of a warm backwater.

Because in those eyes
Like in a backwater
I don't know what mystery
They subjugate you
They attract you, they kill you.

You with those flowers
That border flirtatiously
The waters of the lake,
In life you also had
Of your rare beauty,
The fatal charm
That I can never forget.

Your eyes are two lakes asleep
Before the beauty, sun,
Your divine dark circles that are,
Chosen by God to be admitted
By the old wound of my heart.