Argentine Tango by Tania & Joelle

Gloria - Alfredo De Angelis - Tango

December 2019 • 370 views • 4 likes
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December 05, 2019

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Argentine Tango by Tania & Joelle

24th Anniversary or R&M
Student Showcase: Argentine Tango by Tania & Joelle

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December 05, 2019 02:30


Carlos Dante
Recording Date
March 28, 1950
Humberto Canaro
Armando Tagini



Tenés vento, sos un gran señor...
pero a nadie ya vas a engrupir
con tus frases de mentido amor.
Perdés tiempo, ya podés seguir.

Desde el pique, viejo, te juné
la intención de hacerte el gigolo.
¡Pero yo que te conozco bien,
a otra lado golpeá al porton!

¡Viejito, salud, podés espiantar!
que mi juventud no es flor pa' tu ojal;
la gloria que vos querés ofrecer
guardala mejor, vivi tu vejez.

Las chicas no son juguetes de amor...
pero has de saber tienen corazón.
Asi ya que ves, el baston de bacán
piantale al placer...
no hagas papelón.

No pretendo farras ni champán,
ni vivir en un petit hotel,
ni la vuaturé que vos le das….
ese cuento lo conozco bien.

Y un consejo sano te daré
pa' ponerle al dialoguito fin:
¡Que comprés un peine
y te saqués del altillo el berretín!

You are a great man, you are a great man...
but you're not going to please anyone anymore
with your phrases of lying love.
You're wasting time, you can go on.

Since the pique, old man, I've joined you
the intention of playing the gigolo.
But I know you well,
go somewhere else and hit the gate!

Old man, cheers, you can spy!
that my youth is not a flower for your buttonhole;
the glory that you want to offer
keep it better, live your old age.

Girls are not love toys...
but you must know they have a heart.
So now that you see, the baton of bacán
give it to pleasure...
don't make a fool of yourself.

I don't pretend to party or champagne,
nor live in a petit hotel,
nor the vuaturé that you give him ....
I know that story well.

And I'll give you some sound advice
to put an end to the little dialogue:
That you buy a comb
and take your hair out of the attic!

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