Melody Wang

Ojos Negros - Raúl Garello - Tango

September 2021 • 210 views • 0 likes
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September 26, 2021

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Roberto & Melody Wang | 2021 Shanghai International Tango Festival
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September 26, 2021
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Vicente Greco
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Pedro Numa Cordoba



Ojos negros y... soñadores
de mis amores
dueños ellos son.
Ojos que encantan a mi alma
y que dan dulce calma
a mi fiel corazón.

Cuando en su cristal
me suelo mirar
me causa placer,
porque en ellos yo
suelo adivinar
su mucho querer.

Nunca jamás
podré olvidar
la expresión arrobadora
de tu faz.

Como divinos luceros
son tus ojos negros
dignos de admirar,

y por ellos yo me muero
y en sus pestañas quiero
poder siempre besar.

Black eyes and... dreamers
of my loves
owners they are.
Eyes that enchant my soul
and that give sweet calm
to my faithful heart.

When in their crystal
I look at myself
it gives me pleasure
because in them I
I usually guess
their much love.

I can never ever
I will never be able to forget
the rapturous expression
of your face.

Like divine stars
are your black eyes
worthy of admiration,

and for them I die
and in their eyelashes I want
to always be able to kiss.

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