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Toronto, Canada
Performance Date
June 22, 2019

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Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales (2) - Toronto Tango Festival 2019
Video upload date
June 22, 2019
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May 28, 1945
Song composer
Eduardo Arolas
Song author
Gabriel Clausi



Tango de mi ciudad, malevo y sensual,
canyengue y tristón, color de arrabal.
Señor de salón, tenés emoción
de noche porteña.
Vuelve para surgir en danza triunfal
canción sin igual que hace sentir
con tanta pasión en el corazón
su abrazo de amor.

Oigo el cantar de un triste bandoneón,
que llora en su canción la pena de un amor
que nunca pudo ser, por causa de creer
en locos berretines.
Todo pasó, no quiero recordar
el tiempo que se fue,
ya nunca volverá la dicha de tu amor
para poder soñar con vos en mi arrabal.

Qué dulzura hay en tu voz,
che, bandoneón, con tu chamuyo reo.
Tango lindo y querendón, nobleza de arrabal,
amores de otros tiempos...
Sigue, sigue tu canción
para alegrar esta velada linda,
suena, suena bandoneón, que siempre tu canción
está en el corazón.

Tango of my city, malevo and sensual,
canyengue and sad, color of the suburbs.
Señor de salón, you have the emotion
of Buenos Aires night.
Come back to emerge in triumphant dance
song without equal that makes you feel
with so much passion in the heart
its embrace of love.

I hear the singing of a sad bandoneon,
that cries in its song the sorrow of a love
that could never be, because of believing
in crazy nonsense.
Everything happened, I don't want to remember
the time that went away,
the joy of your love will never return
to be able to dream of you in my suburb.

What sweetness there is in your voice,
che, bandoneon, with your chamuyo reo.
Nice and dear tango, nobility of the suburbs,
loves of other times...
Go on, go on with your song
to brighten up this beautiful evening,
sounds, sounds bandoneon, your song is always in my heart.
is in the heart.

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