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Toronto, Canada
Performance Date
June 22, 2019

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Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales (1) - Toronto Tango Festival 2019
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June 22, 2019
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Enrique Campos
Song recording date
December 16, 1943
Song composer
José Basso Y Julián Ortiz
Song author
José Barreiros Bazán



Con dieciséis primaveras, irradiando juventud
Vas forjando mil quimeras, que me llenan de inquietud,
Qué tendrás en la cabeza muchachita de arrabal
Para ir detrás de tu sueño, que jamás lograrás.

Irán tus ojos risueños apagando su fulgor
Y verás morir tus sueños y sangrar tu corazón,
Qué vas buscando muñeca, que me llenas de inquietud
Al ver que sólo sueñas con un príncipe azul

Si vieras, muñeca, lo linda que estás
Yo sé quien suspira por verte pasar,
Y sé que se llenan sus ojos de pena
Porque tu alma buena no piensa en su afán.

En vez de tus sueños, más vale ese amor
De un simple muchacho sincero y dulzón,
En vez de tus sueños, más vale un cariño
Que sepa ser dueño de tu corazón.

With sixteen springs, irradiating youth
You are forging a thousand chimeras, that fill me with restlessness,
What will you have in your head, little girl from the slums.
To go after your dream, which you will never achieve.

Your laughing eyes will extinguish their brightness
And you will see your dreams die and your heart bleed,
What are you looking for doll, that fills me with uneasiness
Seeing that you only dream of a prince charming

If you could see, doll, how beautiful you are
I know who sighs to see you pass by,
And I know that your eyes are filled with sorrow
Because your good soul doesn't think of their eagerness.

Instead of your dreams, it's better that love
Of a simple, sincere and sweet boy,
Instead of your dreams, it's better to have a sweetheart
Who knows how to own your heart.

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