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May 02, 2012

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Fabian Peralta y Lorena Ermocida - La vida es corta
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Tango "La vida es corta" performed by Fabian Peralta and Lorena Ermocida
Rome 2012/04

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May 02, 2012
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Song singer
Alberto Castillo
Song recording date
February 19, 1941
Song composer
Ricardo Tanturi
Song author
Francisco Gorrindo



A ver muchachos, quiero alegría,
quiero aturdirme, para no pensar.
La vida es corta y hay que vivirla,
dejando a un lado la realidad.
Hay que olvidarse del sacrificio,
que tanto cuesta ser, tener el pan.
Y en estas noches de farra y risa,
ponerle al alma nuevo disfraz.

La vida es corta y hay que vivirla,
en el mañana no hay que confiar.
Si hoy la mentira se llama sueño,
tal vez mañana sea la verdad.
La vida es corta y hay que vivirla,
feliz al lado de una mujer,
que aunque nos mienta, frente a sus ojos,
razón de sobra hay para querer.

Let's see guys, I want joy,
I want to be stunned, not to think.
Life is short and you have to live it,
leaving reality aside.
You have to forget about sacrifice,
that it costs so much to be, to have bread.
And in these nights of partying and laughter,
put on a new disguise for the soul.

Life is short and we must live it,
tomorrow is not to be trusted.
If today the lie is called a dream
maybe tomorrow it will be the truth.
Life is short and you have to live it,
happy by the side of a woman,
that even if she lies to us, in front of her eyes,
there is more than enough reason to love.

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