Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales

Temo - Típica Victor - Vals

Toronto Tango Festival
June 2019 • 1.5K views • 14 likes
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Toronto, Canada
Performance Date
June 22, 2019

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Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales (3) - Toronto Tango Festival 2019
Video upload date
June 22, 2019 00:13
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Song singer
Mario Corrales
Song recording date
May 10, 1940
Song composer
Mario Rafaelli
Song author
Atilio Perasso



Porque tus ojos me huyen
Acaso no me amas ya...
Dime que lo haces tan sólo
Por ver si te quiero más...
Dilo, no ves que mi alma
Espera escuchar tu voz...
Entre canciones de besos
Me dices: “Te quiero, mi vida...”

Temo que ya no me quieras
Que ya no me quieras más...
Y es cruel tortura el pensar
Que no me amas, que a otro amás...
Dime que es fiel tu cariño
Dime que es mío, muy mío,
Que sólo me huyen tus ojos
Por verme sufrir.

Because your eyes run away from me
Don't you love me anymore?
Tell me that you do it just
To see if I love you more...
Say it, don't you see that my soul
Is waiting to hear your voice...
Between songs of kisses
You tell me: "I love you, my life..."

I fear that you don't love me anymore
That you don't love me anymore...
And it's cruel torture to think
That you don't love me, that you love someone else...
Tell me that your love is faithful
Tell me that it's mine, very mine,
That only your eyes flee from me
To see me suffer.

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