Miguel Calvo

El Choclo - Miguel Calo - Tango

January 2018 • 2.2K views • 12 likes
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January 19, 2018

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Miguel Calò instrumental El choclo
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Miguel Calò instrumental
El choclo

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January 19, 2018
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April 07, 1964
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Angel Villoldo
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Angel Villoldo



Vieja milonga
que en mi horas de tristeza,
traes a mi mente
tu recuerdo cariñoso
y encadenandome a tus notas.
siento que el alma
se me encoje poco a poco.

Hoy que los años
han blanqueado ya mis sienes,
tango querido,
viejo tango que me embarga,
con la cadencia
de su musica sentida,
recuerdo aquella epoca,
tan linda que se fue.

Old milonga
that in my hours of sadness
you bring to my mind
your loving memory
and chaining me to your notes.
I feel my soul
shrinks little by little.

Today that the years
have already whitened my temples,
dear tango,
old tango that overwhelms me,
with the cadence
of its heartfelt music,
I remember that time,
so beautiful that is gone.

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