Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón & Anđela Ristić

El Paisanito - Juan D'Arienzo - Milonga

Toronto Tango Festival
January 2017 • 3.3K views • 19 likes
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Toronto, Canada
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January 04, 2017

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Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon (3) - Toronto Tango Festival 2016
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January 04, 2017 04:24


Alberto Echague
Recording Date
December 15, 1944
Pascual Clausi
Melecio Pérez



Y fue una tarde, domingo grato,
en la retreta de aquel pueblito
que la gitana vio al paisanito
y en sus ojazos brilló el amor...
Cerca le dijo: “Si tú me dieras
una moneda, yo te diré
cuál es tu suerte... ¡Ay, si supieras!”
Y al paisanito le dio a entender...

Yo sé que por ti suspira de amor
quien te ama con toda su alma...
Morena de ojazos negros
que sufre por ti sin calma...
Tú no entenderás... y triste se irá
llorando tu fiel morena...
Tendrás en tu pecho pena
porque tu amor no vendrá....

Y muchas tarde, en la retreta,
que indiferente el paisano estaba,
la fiel gitana se le acercaba
y emocionada siempre le habló...
Dejó de verla cuando la amaba
y el paisano buscó su amor,
mas la gitana se fue del pueblo
y en su secreto lloró el dolor...

And it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon,
in the retreta of that small town
that the gypsy woman saw the little countryman
and love shone in her big eyes...
Nearby she said to him: "If you give me
a coin, I will tell you
what your luck is... Oh, if you only knew!"
And to the little countryman he gave to understand....

I know that he who loves you with all his soul
who loves you with all his soul...
Dark-eyed brunette
who suffers for you without calm...
You won't understand... and sadly will go away
crying your faithful brunette...
You will have sorrow in your chest
because your love will not come ....

And many an afternoon, in the retreta,
the countryman was indifferent,
the faithful gypsy would approach him
and always excitedly spoke to him...
He stopped seeing her when he loved her
and the countryman looked for his love,
but the gypsy woman left the village
and in her secret she cried the pain...

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